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Cube Lab | Cube Lab


“The User Experience is Key… Everything else is just noise.”
Steve Jobs – Founder Apple Inc.



Cube™ is a partnership between experienced industry analysts, world leading experts in banknote user behavior, and internationally recognised experts in perception science. By fusing this range of expertise and engaging the very latest technology in human perceptual analytics, Cube can provide deep insight into the user’s perspective.

We can assess how the user interprets the information present on a banknote, consciously and subconsciously, and how such inputs generate specific and directed actions and feelings. This process generates hard scientific data to support security feature technology developers and banknote design project managers so that they can base their decision-making on fact, rather than highly subjective albeit expert opinions and other traditional criteria. The process can also provide insight into how to ‘talk’ effectively to the general public about banknotes and banknote security features, a dialogue that is so essential for banknote public acceptance. Moreover, the process generates new ideas and uncovers new possibilities that traditional approaches can never achieve.

Cube brings cutting-edge perception science to banknotes and makes it easily accessible to central banks and security feature technology developers to ensure that the banknotes of today and tomorrow create a planned and directed ‘user experience’ and a much better return on investment for the issuer.

As a user-centered organisation, Cube™ works closely with you to develop a complete understanding of your requirements. We understand that many Central Banks and Security Technology Developers may not have experience in mandating perception studies and that you may have many questions and require guidance and advice. We leverage over 100 years combined experience to propose possible roadmaps and develop customised projects and programmes to ensure that your organisation receives exactly the data you require to support decision-making and advance your research and development activity.

“Everything our industry does will amount to nothing if the Banknote User does not receive the right signals to
complete a cash transaction confidently. The truth is that you only have about 3000 milliseconds to do this.”
Mark Stevenson, President IBDA