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 The Cube™ approach is a fusion of 3 core elements.


1. The Science of Human Behavior

A core value of Cube™ is to use the latest, most solid theoretical approach possible. The pitfall of many an inhouse approach to perception research is that the project is driven by a technology issue, not grounded in established theory of user behavior, sensory or cognitive systems. Without a solid theoretical basis such projects amount to looking for a needle in a haystack and sadly prove to be inefficient and often fruitless. Decades of experience in Cube™ have led us to value and respect the virtues of theory and enables us to deliver efficient research that consistently yields straightforward interpretation and application of findings.

2. Understanding the Banknote Industry

Cube™ was borne out of a need by the banknote industry. Cube’s central aim is to serve the banknote sector, keeping an eye on the winds of change and making sure that an understanding of the constraints and demands that are placed on banknote sector players are integral to Cube’s practice. Without deep industry understanding, scientific research can veer off into impractical directions, replete with unnecessary and unwelcome complexities. At Cube™ we combine knowledge and experience to make sure that research is useful as well as sound and reliable.

3. Exploiting Advances in Methodology, Technology and Analytics

Cube™ scientists are at the forefront of developing and adapting the latest technologies for use in banknote consumer studies. High tech approaches include continuous eye and pupil monitoring to gauge information seeking and attention, virtual reality to simulate cash exchanges, touch screen and limb monitoring for hand movement analysis, among others. Low tech, cost-efficient approaches are finely tuned to enable rapid assessment of emotional responses, memory and knowledge of banknote features, visual and tactile sensitivity to counterfeit, wear, and
printing errors.

Cube™ uses the latest in experimental design and data analytics so that maximum benefit is achieved from each and every research project. Cube™ uses its own flexible proprietary software (RateThisTM) for easy, secure data collection using mobile devices. Cube™ also employs its own software developers for custom application of high- and low-tech projects. In-house statistics and data analytics experts are part of the Cube™ team, enabling us to deliver a wide range of data analyses, ensuring a high degree of confidence in research outcomes.