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“The value of any security feature is inextricably linked to the user’s ability to recognise it”
Dr. Fausto Giori (ex. Technical Director of KBA-NotaSys)


The Cube™ Process employs the following proprietary tools and techniques

1. Methodology

2. Technology

3. Analytical Tools

The Cube™ process is a proprietary development and has been exclusively developed for banknote technology developers and issuers. Our objective is to facilitate easy and fast access to perceptual evaluation and analytic expertise. We recognise that banknote content and design is highly specific to each country and that due to social, cultural and other influences, banknote users behave differently in different contexts and environments. For this reason, Cube™ has been built as a network hub including Cube™ Pods in each region of the world linked to a Cube™ Operations Centre. The activity of each Pod is directed by Professor Jane Raymond from her base in Birmingham, UK. This structure allows us to react rapidly to requests from clients in any part of the world while at the same time delivering the same quality of service using a universal methodology, technology toolkit, and set of analytical tools.