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 Security Technology Feature Developers

Central Banks

› Security Technology Feature Developers

 Security feature and substrate technology developers may avail of the Cube™ Banknote Technology Perceptual Analytics Service, giving them valuable feedback on the perceptual value and utility of their technologies. CUBE™ services can provide insight into how such technologies can be optimised for banknote design to ensure maximum user engagement. This service also provides precious data that can be fed back into the technology R&D process allowing for the optimisation of the feature based on user preferences and behavior.

The Cube™ Banknote Technology Perceptual Analytic Service involves a combination of the following studies:
– Recognition Assessment
– Use/Function Diagnostic
– Descriptive Analysis
– Visual exploring (static and motion)
– Tactile exploring (static & motion)
– Design Dependent/Independent Evaluation

 › Central Banks

Central Banks and Issuers may avail of any of the following Cube™ services but it is highly recommended that the following four services are considered as components of a single holistic package to ensure full banknote lifecycle-management.

1. Cube™ Current Banknote Series Perceptual Audit
A comprehensive series of evaluations using a specific demographic user group resulting in specific insights that can be fed into the new series banknote project, both into its design and to the communications that accompany its eventual launch.

2. Cube™ Pre-Issue New Series Concept Analysis
A structured assessment of concept or final designs using sample User Groups resulting in validation of the banknote landscape, composition, and content.

4. Cube Communication and User Educational Programmes
While most banknote user experiences are completed in approximately 3 seconds, a focused and directed user communication strategy can have a significant impact on what happens during this time window. This is not just about visual communication but must be based upon science and a clear definition of issuer priorities and specific objectives. Professionals can support issuers in the development of such programmes and also evaluate their user impact and success.

3. Cube Post-Issue New Series User Evaluation
An invaluable user feedback study providing valuable data to the issuer on how the public perceive the new banknote series, what they like, use, dislike and what parts of the landscape are perceptually redundant. This is the ultimate validation of a user-centered project success.

Cube™ Outputs
– Explanation of methodology and underlying theory.
– Complete set of raw data and summary statistics
– Graphical interpretations
– Video clips of user testing; word clouds and other qualitative outputs
– Complete report with data interpretation
– Digital presentation of study findings and outputs
– Commentary by Professor Jane Raymond
– CubeXchange Meeting with Professor Jane Raymond